Online Therapy

All you need is a connected computer, tablet or a mobile phone

Technology has enabled people struggling with life’s challenges to get better access to mental help where it suits.  It is part of a growing shift in Australian health care with online therapy allowing more convenient and cost-effective options for mental health. 

There is strong evidence to suggest that online therapy can be just as effective in the treatment and management of people with mild to moderate anxiety and depression.

It can be helpful for people just needing another outlet to conveniently talk to a professional amid their busy lives or when childcare is not an option.   

Online therapy with Inward Out



Any device with an internet connection and camera.



No downloads, no accounts, simply click-and-talk.



Discounts apply, no travel required.


Safe & secure

Encrypted connections.


Quality care

Australian qualified and licensed clinical psychologist.

How to get started

1 Initial consultation

Assessment over the phone to get to know you

2 Book appointment

Book day and time

3 Forms

Complete consent and confidentiality forms, and questionnaire via email (first time clients)

4 Meeting link

Sent to email or via SMS prior to session

5 Therapy in-session

Therapy and treatment plan with psychologist


While online therapy presents many great benefits to people, it isn’t for everyone and there are limitations to this mode of therapy that people need to be aware of. Some of these include:

 People with:

  • complex or severe mental illness
  • elevated risk of self-harm or suicide
  • required urgent clinical management

If you need to speak to someone urgently, call Emergency 000 or Lifeline 13 11 14.


Technology limitations:

  • poor internet connection or computer failures
  • computer viruses or hacking


Times are tough! We’re all trying to survive this pandemic crisis together.  With help, we can find opportunities to continue to thrive in these extraordinary times. 

Fortunately, online therapy provides people with an option to access mental help from a psychologist.

Talk to your GP to find out more about what’s covered under the government’s relief efforts in telehealth services. 

We also provide discounts to people choosing Inward Out’s online therapy option.